CEO, Apex Business Consulting

Thank you for the opportunity to share why I am a great candidate for your board of directors. The single most important reason why I want to join this group of distinguished leaders is to continue to represent and be the voice of our small business community. As a small business owner, I understand the struggles and challenges of running a small business; therefore, I feel I can bring a perspective that will prompt conversation to better serve our small business members. Secondly, I truly believe in the mission of HCC and its advocacy to create spaces for businesses of every size to thrive and get connected.

I have firsthand experience in working with HCC and its members. As a past Consultant for HCC, I was responsible for a multitude of tasks. One of my main responsibilities was business development. I reached out to my network to educate them on the benefits of becoming a member and encouraged participation in our committees and events. In addition to this, I was tasked with an A/R list for HCC; I not only called on the small businesses to renew their membership but more importantly I visited them at their place of business to better understand their operation and their needs. In doing so, I developed long-lasting relationships with the membership base.

In reaching out to the membership base I was also successful in cross selling sponsorships for HCC. I sold golf, banquet, and GMM sponsorships. I helped set up all the banners for the events and helped coordinate registration. Lastly, I was instrumental in forming the Infrastructure Committee. I recruited new members and ran the meetings as part of the team. We collectively built the attendance to 25 active members providing a space for discussions, ideas, and advocacy.

As a Consultant, I work with small business owners every single day. In doing so, I have developed the trust and confidence from my network which provides me an opportunity to continue encouraging my network to join HCC. I pride myself on being a conveyor of people, information, and systems. I bring an energetic approach, big picture outlook and passion for small business. My experience in the non-profit sector will prove to benefit HCC and its endeavors. I look forward to building relationships and partnerships to further strengthen our membership base.