Scott McDonough

SIEM Professional Services Consultant, LogRhythm

Scott McDonough is a SIEM Professional Services Consultant for LogRhythm. In addition to his primary duties as a consultant, Scott works with LogRhythm University to provide onsite and remote training. In addition, McDonough volunteers his time to provide cyber security information and ideas to organizations and educational institutions in an effort to bring additional awareness, guidance and protection. Prior to joining LogRhythm, he was a consultant for Blue Pumpkin Software, where he integrated call center scheduling software worldwide for Fortune 500 companies. He is a dedicated problemsolver who excels at transferring LogRhythm SIEM product knowledge.

At LogRhythm, McDonough is primarily responsible for the delivery of onsite and remote consulting services for single tenant and multi-tenant implementations. He is skilled at deploying LogRhythm’s platform to a large customer base and has had the privilege of consulting and training customers and partners around the globe. McDonough has actively engaged in coordinating and deploying LogRhythm for federal, state and local governments; Native American tribes; and the financial, health and commercial sectors.