Janet Bressler

Risk Manager, Denver International Airport (DEN)

Eliminating risk is impossible, but that is exactly what Janet Bressler aims for as the Risk Manager at DEN. With over 25 years of working in many facets of business and risk management, Janet is creative, persuasive and persistent at finding new and better ways to identify and reduce risk. Not to mention, getting non-insurancy types (yes, that is a real term) to understand risk and insurance and the important roles they play to safeguard a large ecosystem, like the fifth busiest airport in the country.

Good risk management includes being a good partner to all the companies that operate at DEN. Janet routinely gives her time and expertise to DEN partners of all sizes to help them best navigate and meet the multitude of insurance and safety requirements.

Janet has earned her pilot’s license, bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver and an MBA from Denver University. And worth the risk, loves to spend her off time taming formidable off-road trails with her Jeep Rubicon.