CDOT Fraud Awareness Notification

CDOT recently became aware of someone contacting a contractor’s business office staff, purporting to be a representative of CDOT’s accounting organization (whose name provided in fact does NOT work for CDOT), making inquiries about personnel names, payment processing procedures, and on billing topics. The contractor staff became suspicious of the caller as the conversation went on, ended the call, and alerted CDOT’s CFO and Chief Engineer immediately. Please be aware of these attempts and contact CDOT anytime there is uncertainty.

In CDOT’s normal course of business, and with its recent additional process enhancements to vendor information protective measures put in place, there are instances where its employees will legitimately reach out to you in order to verify information such as changes to address, authorized points of contact, banking information, or other company information. If you have any reason to suspect an inquiry in not legitimate, please contact CDOT’s accounting management (listed below) to verify.

  • CDOT Accounting Controller: Lori Copeland, , 303-757-9659
  • CDOT Deputy Controller: Gina Sanchez, , 303-757-9660
  • CDOT Accounts Payable & General Ledger Manager, DeAnn Espinoza, , 303-757-9742

In addition to these employees, you might also have an established relationship with CDOT’s Regional Business Offices management team located across the state. They are also prepared to help answer and verify any inquiries you might need to verify.