Mari Medrano

Mari Medrano

CoCal Landscape


Why do I want to continue my tenure on the board of directors of Hispanic Contractors of Colorado? I have enjoyed my three years of board service with HCC. Almost immediately I was voted on as Board Secretary and have been part of the major discussions, decisions and accomplishments that both Board Presidents Michelle Sandoval and now current President Ornar Moreno have accomplished and well being part of that has made me proud. I believe in the HCC’s mission, and I would love to continue to see that come to fruition with Omar and the rest of the executive team and board directors. I have seen firsthand how small business have benefited from being part of this great and growing organizations.

Joining HCC was a step out of my industry, the green industry and comfort zone. Although challenging, it is comforting and eye opening to see that some of the same struggles are faced by our Latino population and small Latino business owners. I have loved learning and being able to share initiatives from HCC to our industry and vise versa. One of those missions has been my work with the Legislative committee on HCC and the local landscape association as well as the national association. I have been able to experience the local side of legislation and have enjoyed getting to know our local representatives and advocate for HCC’s mission and initiatives in best interest of our members.

I have been very devoted to helping our Latino community. My main goal at CoCal, ALCC, NALP and now at HCC has been and will always be helping the smaller business owner have a voice with the green industry, the construction industry which has long since overlooked our Latino contribution. Our main mission is to establish a voice politically, help give them buying power and overall leadership development to smaller organizations to help them scale up their business. That devotion to the betterment of our community both in our industries but other issues such as immigration, civil rights and education are still and will continue to be a life goal of mine.

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Marisol is the Human Resources Director for CoCal Landscape since 1998. She is an active member of their Executive Leadership Team. Marisol is solely responsible to handle all of the Human Resources for 250+ employees within her company. She has significant expertise in the H2B visa program and successfully brings over 160 temporary foreign workers from Mexico every year. Marisol is well trained in occupational safety and helps facilitate and develop safety policies within CoCal. Marisol contributes her time in industry education and advocacy. Helping with the CSU Landscape Design and Contracting Advisory Committee and sits on the Board of Directors for Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and participates on the LatinKnows Committee with ALCC. She sits on the Latino Landscape Network Committee through National Association of Landscape Professionals. Her role through LLN and Latiknows is to help mentor Latino landscaping employees in Colorado and across the country, promoting upward development through training and educational resources and political advocacy in D.C on issues related to the landscape industry. She believes that LLN and Latiknows creates a venue for Latinos within the industry to demonstrate their strength in Green Industry. Mari is also Board Secretary for Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC). With this board participation she’s expanding into the construction industry with a focus on the betterment of small contractors within Colorado and sits on their Legislative committee which help with political advocacy both locally and statewide with initiatives and laws that affect small businesses. Marisol recently joined the Florence Crittenton School board of director, expanding to a Denver community board. Marisol was a 2017 fellow for the Latino Leadership Institute and a 2020 fellow in Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative and Latino Business Action Network.