Flor Saldías, Vice-Chair

Founder & President, Floria Group

Flor Saldías is the founder and president of Floria Group, an accounting and finance firm driven to help its partners maximize profits while improving accounting capabilities with services ranging from bookkeeping to fractional CFO tasks. Prior to starting Floria Group, Saldías worked in private equity as CFO, helping positioning companies for growth, raising capital for merges and acquisitions and creating exit strategies. Before moving to the private sector, Saldías spent 10 years working in manufacturing, service and construction industries for mid-size international companies in controller and CFO roles, specializing in operationalizing business processes and turning around distressed companies. During this time, Saldías worked extensively in Asia, Europe, and the US, overseeing a global team of accounting and finance professionals.

Saldías is the HCC vice-president and is chair of the financial committee.