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Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of HCC

  • Join a Dedicated Community
  • Public Construction Contracts
  • Network With Likeminded Individuals
  • Learn From Contractor Academy Classes
  • Discounts On Workers Comp Insurance

When you join HCC, you get to collaborate with a talented group of dedicated, diverse individuals that want to make your construction business succeed. Connect with professionals who are committed to the construction growth of Colorado. As a member, you will receive several services, networking opportunities, education and much more to get your business ahead of the game!

Hear What Our Members Have To Say!

“Saunders Construction is proud to support the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado organization. Their mission to serve and provide their membership with education and business opportunities continues to strengthen our contractor community.”

Jeff Anker, Preconstruction Manager Saunders Construction

“HCC is geared to assisting all contractors, regardless of size, ethnicity and gender to position themselves to become successful.”

Sharon Gonzales Denver Public Schools Facility Management Mgr Business Diversity Outreach Program

“I own a commercial painting business and joining HCC was a great move for me personally and for my business. I have met and made friends with many people across the Construction Industry, both on a personal and professional level. Professionally, I have enjoyed many new business development opportunities with top quality, professional and sought after businesses and General Contractors. On a personal level, I thoroughly value the friendships I have developed as well as the social atmosphere that surrounds our HCC meetings/dinners. The monthly dinners are a great source of information and have benefitted my general industry knowledge and my business as a whole a great deal. I look forward to contributing more of my time to HCC in the future.”

Tessa Tarr, Owner Starr Painting & Drywall

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Become An HCC Member

Full-Time Advocacy that Leads to Growth and Industry Partnerships

HCC is dedicated to our members 100%. Our full-time staff advocates on your behalf by highlighting the right issues and bringing the right people to the table so your time is well-spent and you have the opportunity to effectively engage. HCC membership provides diverse businesses with an effective liaison to public entities, including the City & County of Denver, Denver International Airport, Denver Public Schools, Denver Water, CDOT, and RTD. Our involvement in the development of diversity programs maximizes the ability of members to provide input on issues that impact contracting opportunities, such as goal setting, size standards, graduation, prequalification and payment. HCC membership also provides contractors with access to individual assistance in resolving problems with public owners.

Networking With the Right People and Bid Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of HCC membership is the opportunity to network with industry colleagues, many of whom are business owners, and key individuals from major projects. It makes a huge difference talking to the right person. And you can do that in our fun and welcoming atmosphere! We hold two annual golf outings, numerous membership dinners, Breakfasts With GCs, and an Annual Awards Banquet. There are also many committees and task forces to help build relationships.

Regulatory Reform & Legislative Influence

HCC recognizes that political advocacy is essential for any specialized profession today and financial involvement in the election process is an effective means of demonstrating support for lawmakers who are sympathetic to the specialized concerns of the industry. We advocate for clear, fair and reasonable standards and work to encourage regulatory agencies to focus on assistance and compliance rather than inspections and fines. We:

  • Have a strong relationship with a well-respected and effective lobby team that aggressively guides our efforts and represents your interests at the Colorado State House.
  • Work with the construction industry’s Building Jobs 4 Colorado (BJ4C) Coalition where we have opposed any changes to the current Colorado Workers’ Compensation program that increase the burden on business, and we’ve tackled new business mandates or fees from the state level without sufficient proof that these actions will benefit the business community.
  • Provide diverse businesses with an effective liaison to public entities, including the City & County of Denver, Denver International Airport, Denver Public Schools, Denver Water, CDOT, and RTD. Our involvement in the development of diversity programs maximizes the ability of members to provide input on issues that impact contracting opportunities, such as goal setting, size standards, graduation, prequalification and payment.
Workers Compensation Discounts and Dividends

HCC is part of the Pinnacol Assurance Tri-Safety Group. Members who qualify for the dividend program are entitled to a 4% discount on their premium. There is also the potential to earn a dividend for maintaining a safe workplace. Additional savings can be realized by becoming cost containment certified, and our program manager will help with that. Safety is a key requirement to be successful in the construction industry!

Work Together Towards Regulatory Reform

HCC regularly advocates for clear, fair and reasonable standards. We work hard to encourage regulatory agencies to focus on assistance and compliance rather than inspections and fines.

Easier Process To Receive Certifications

Whether you’re a small business that wants to get certified or a large corporation that needs to comply, and you’re involved in public construction, you need to understand the various certified programs – DBE, Denver SBE, RTD SBE, Denver EBE, MWBE, ACDBE, 8(a). HCC will help you navigate through the “certification maze” and make the process easier to finish.

Bid Opportunities To Fill Up Your Pipeline

Get up-to-date info on bid opportunities for procurement, projects, and professional services emailed directly to your inbox.

Industry Specific Training & Education

HCC offers a variety of tools to help you further your industry knowledge and business. Whether you’re a small or large business, continued education is instrumental in furthering your business. And whether you want to get certified or just need to comply, you need to understand the various certification programs. HCC:

  • Is involved and knowledgeable with all of the certifying programs and can provide guidance in navigating the certification maze. And then we can help you develop the relationships to meet project goals – it’s less risky to do business with someone you know.
  • Has the ‘Contractor Academy’ which provides industry specific workshops that are a great value for small businesses. Our certificate program provides various tracks which cover a wide variety of topics from legal issues to proposals development and project management. Small class sizes encourage discussion among attendees and the facilitators and give you the opportunity to learn more about presenting companies and representatives.
Focus On Business More And Let Our Full-Time Staff Do The Rest

Here’s a “no-brainer”: while you’re busy running your business, let our staff take 100% of their time to do the groundwork it takes to address major industry-wide issues.

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