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Our Mission

“To be at the forefront of the construction industry in Colorado and to achieve our collective goals by connecting business and contractors within the private and public sectors through information, education, and advocacy for Hispanic and all diverse businesses.” -HCC

About HCC

HCC loves helping small, diverse contractors learn how to do business with public entities and large corporations…. And Colorado’s fast-growing industry needs all the contractors it can get!

We’re thrilled and humbled when we drive around the Denver metro area and notice all of the projects HCC members have been involved in.

Founded in 1990, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation and professional trade association.


Financially Sound


Our organization is strong and proud

We pride ourselves in our organization’s strengths:

  • Committed Board that believes in our mission
  • Excellent reputation for following through on commitments
  • Problem solvers, not problem creators
  • We are financially sound
  • Our commitment to diversity

You get what you put in

We believe that our members get what they put in our organization, which is why it’s crucial to engage with us and not just be a member “on paper.”

What you can expect when you engage with HCC:

  • Long lasting relationships that lead to business
  • Expansion of your network that includes a wide variety of diverse companies
  • A growth in their leadership skills

“HCC is geared to assisting all contractors, regardless of size, ethnicity and gender to position themselves to become successful.”

Sharon Gonzales
Denver Public Schools Facility Management
Mgr Business Diversity Outreach Program

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