Phil Perry

BOK Financial


Phil Perry is currently a Vice President on the Corporate Banking team for BOK Financial. Phil brings over 13 years of diverse experience in banking. He’s an expert in treasury management platforms, complex credit structures, tax-exempt financing, and staged modernization of the payments and receivables process. Phil also has direct experience in Asset Based Lending – which is directly applicable to the construction industry. Currently, Phil uses this expertise to help grow and manage a portfolio of nonprofit and municipal clients. Phil is also the co-lead for the Colorado market’s Inclusive Prospecting initiative, which seeks to increase inclusion in BOKF’s external marketing strategies and internal hiring, retention and promotion programs. Recently, Phil and his team of 10 other representatives from across different lines of business at BOK Financial organized a series of internal and external events to promote inclusion at BOK Financial. Phil’s experience is at the confluence of financing major capital projects for governments and non-profits. As such, he is a valuable resource for any company or individual seeking to increase their business through these channels because he understands how these segments communicate, and what is important to them. As well, Phil is committed to increasing inclusion in banking and business – and leads BOKF’s Colorado’s effort in this space. Phil currently mentors young moms – often Hispanic – in their careers through his volunteer work with Hope House Colorado – where his wife works. Phil is committed to environmental conservation which exists hand in hand with development and growth. To this end, Phil serves on advisory boards to the Butterfly Pavilion as they work toward building a new facility in the City and County of Broomfield. Phil is also a fluent Spanish speaker and travels each year to his wife’s country of Colombia. They have three kids, who they are bringing up bilingual. Originally from Florissant, CO, Phil earned a B.S. in Animal Science and an Executive MBA, both from Colorado State University.

Phil’s quote: “It’s my responsibility to find value for my clients and ask for their business.”