Keli L. Hearon

Xcel Energy


As a seasoned professional with over 20 years in business development, procurement, and supplier diversity experience I believe that my background would lend itself to support the organization’s mission of identifying, developing and create opportunities to support the small and diverse business community. As an advocate for inclusive procurement, I understand the challenges and barriers many small and diverse businesses encounter in the corporate and private sector in obtaining opportunities for growth and expansion. I believe that to move the needle and create opportunities, it is vital that we challenge the status quo by developing innovative processes and practices that open doors and create opportunity to provide equity in procure processes. I want to continue to be part of the solution! If I am selected, I will be diligent about that responsibility and will do my level best to make positive and meaningful contributions. Thank you for your consideration of my nomination.


Keli Hearon is a seasoned business empowerment advocate and professional with over 20 years of experience in supplier diversity, procurement, business development, and corporate relations. As a child of parents who were both entrepreneurs in the construction industry, Keli has first-hand knowledge of the challenges diverse businesses face in building capacity and seeking opportunities.

She currently serves as the Manager of Supplier Diversity & ESG at Xcel Energy. Through her leadership, she has implemented new strategic and programmatic processes, increased community engagement, and created the “Listen-In” forums to allow small and diverse companies to share their experience and recommendations on how Xcel Energy can better support the advancement and inclusion of small and diverse suppliers.

Some of Keli’s accomplishments in her 10 years of utility industry experience include the research, development and implementation of best practices and multi-year contract convergence opportunities across the various operating companies. She has also led cross-functional teams through sourcing projects with the end goal of converging business process and outsourced suppliers.

Prior to Keli’s tenure at Xcel Energy, she worked at Delta Air Lines, Exelon and Washington Gas in procurement and Supplier Diversity roles where she led and supported efforts to increase and expand their inclusive procurement programs. She has also owned and developed several businesses. She has served as a member of the New Jersey Supplier Diversity Development Council and Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council Board of Directors. Keli is a graduate of Wayne State University.