Vicki Wren

President, St. Andrews Electric

Vicki Wren is the current owner of St. Andrews; a woman owned, WBE certified, electrical contractor based locally in the Denver metro area. Vicki has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and has managed over $55 million dollars in construction projects with St. Andrews. Her project management experience throughout the years provides her the ability to build relationships with governmental entities, contractors, and union representatives.

Vicki’s education and experience provides her with the critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research skills needed to promote St. Andrews and grow the electrical industry. Vicki is responsible for St. Andrews vision and mission as she navigates the challenges we face today. St. Andrews is a member of HCC, and Vicki currently sits on the HCC Legislative Committee that helps support policy initiatives for small and minority businesses. Vicki also serves on the Denver Joint Industrial Promotional Fund (DJIPF) committee that brings labor (IBEW Local #68) and management (NECA – National Electrical Contracting Association) together to promote the unionized electrical industry. Vicki believes in a growth mindset, and continually attends training and leadership conferences that provide the knowledge and new ways of thinking to keep St. Andrews moving forward in an industry that faces numerous challenges related to manpower shortages, and a diverse and multi-generational workforce. Vicki has attended Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training through the Latino Leadership Institute, Women in NECA leadership conference and NECA Leadership Training Levels 100, 200 and 300.

As a woman who has navigated her way through a construction industry, known to be male dominated, Vicki has made her way from an entry level document control clerk to the owner of a well-respected, quality electrical contractor. Vicki firmly believes it is her responsibility to continue the mentorship that was provided to her and to promote women in the construction industry; from young girls who have not yet started their careers to those currently in the construction field.