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Learn How To Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Construction work can be high risk. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the possibility of an injury with days away from work or a job restriction/transfer is about 36 per 1,000 full-time workers in construction. In addition to the loss of productivity created by an injury, it also affects workers’ compensation insurance premiums because they are experience rated. Employers can reduce their premiums by instituting safety programs to reduce their injury rates and, eventually, their Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

To assist HCC members with their safety program, HCC has joined forces with Pinnacol Assurance to form the Tri-Safety Group. This offers group insurance options designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace.

Members of HCC receive an extensive and unmatched array of services at no additional cost from Pinnacol Assurance. Services range from educational seminars, safety programs, and fraud prevention and detection to underwriting, claims management and legal services. Pinnacol Assurance’s multidisciplined teams provide one-stop shopping for workers’ compensation needs.

In addition, top of the industry, web-based customer service tools are also available. Companies can save time by reporting claims over the Internet, or access claims and policy information by registering for Pinnacol Online.

Pinnacol Assurance has a variety of downloadable materials available for policy holders and the general public. Some are offered in Spanish.

Click here for a link to their resource materials web page. Click here for information on the Tri-Safety Group.

Click here to get savings on workers' comp!

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